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Peecher Rollerblades (Animal Style Records 2008)

Blistering fast and sharp tinged preposition sprinkling the blending shows of possibilities between Hardcore and Sweet Pop Punk to put your side of town flaming in fire bleeding mosh-pit as Nick (vocals), Stu (guitar/vocals), San Don (drums), Klush (guitar) and Cody K (bass) with their touring fill-in crews as well ready to fucking your boredom out.

From Vancouver, BC arming with their album on Turf Wars and those hand-gears to give the assholes some good punchy for teaching them lessons as high pitched vocals on punk fucking pop and shouts about Abracadabra Holmes, Glendale PD Hates Daggermouth, Hey Nelson Go Jump on The Garbage, Dan Don Get Your Fucking Phone, You Can’t Soar like an Eagle When You Hang Out with Turkeys or Hawt Lixx and Too Late No Friends shall definitely, kicking your ass hard like the reality reasonable moments not to be lame or spoiled !

Turf Wars: