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Party Stag (Not On Label 2012)

   Proclaiming themselves proudly as shouting “we are Black Fox” is the Modern Rock and Indie touches standard beats crew of Andrei Seleznev, Dane Robertson, Daniel Mullens, Leigh Mullens and Mitchell Freeman respectively but lesser-known with thus blurred photo-shop-graphy and so on of Indie Rock materials that gladly, for the favorable on The Beatles and British Rock shop triumph are here to presents their self-writing songs by the records of Line of Sight like the big razor trying to cut a planet must be related to thus conspiracy theories that never solved but on the other hand; the group – Black Fox did something reliable and positive to your fancy ears on listening to good music for sunny Saturday and the weekend via Monarch, Burgle, Nightwalks and Day in Lieu onto She Said or Suburban Rooms – surely, sounding Pub-Rock experiences you wouldn’t find it lately nowadays.

Line Of Sight: