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Park Place (Self-Released 2008)

Created every fusion and the twisted turns over the weedy sounds but you can still calling it music of course, especially the one whose loving your genre of Electronic Pop-Punk must be liking this members of Romie Romak (vocals, theremin), D. bene Tleilax (programming, live keys) Tlr on bass guitar onto Rogie Lucero the drummer also didn’t forget to mention of some more ex-soldiers around the group steps like Cabbage, David Tunnell, Scarlett D to Righteye Chavez and Zane Chleboun formed this effective strangeness figures playing seminal rock music as RoMak & The Space Pirates (RATSP) largerly misunderstood and hated but their outfit always be expressive and fully critics-proof with handful on bizarre ideas against non-network spot of television poison-candies leading you addicted and get fat and died in pain – so stop consuming and start to creating.

Dead space squid and make-up filling colors might not abusing the entire shows performed on Attack Of Has-Been Androids crashing the celluloid alien-worshiping party via the groovy Graphite Will Grovel, Alpha-Generic, I Invented You, Retirement Song as well as That’s Right (Dissatisfaction of The Squid) or Social Climber comes to your room without permission secretly like the NASA mission to Jupiter as one cannot avoid to be really affected by the group modern chanting closer to LGBT scene. 

Attack of The Has-Been Androids: