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Paper State (Fourth Dimension 2012)

Wrote himself up with the ancient language scripts that nobody understands but himself and cementing the underground collaborative sounds of the intense music works by himself as the disguises figure named Sion Orgon as experimenting the totality over Electronic-Ambient music, Folk-Pop and weirdo spells of humanity’s extinction aspects as the main achievers points to build this five minutes profounding modern and ancient tales in between to bridging the track number one – Into The Dark where showing us how the childhood dies inside your older aging skull waiting to explodes again even after you already rotted for centuries. 

Five minutes and eight seconds of beautiful side on the parts where one should re-writing the story for a different angle and here it is shared to the global music fans by the same titled record of extended play by Sion Orgon; feels haunting, colder or definitely, weaves something incredible inside your soul as creative and fascinating to be the next creator of mankind beliefs via the sounds. 

No vocals needed and keeping the instrumental music led by piano and harmony as being background by thus gloomy humming continuous low-tunes did breaks many feelings for listen carefully to this 7” release.