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Orchid Snowblind (Tanzan Music 2015)

   Various new lesser-known artists came together to make a announcement about one of the greatest guitarist and hero master alive today which pointing onto Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi himself with this one as another but needed to be paid in attention as Great Lefty: Live Forever! (Tribute to Tony Iommi Godfather of Metal) means something important to the next newer generations as the respects celebrates by as many of other scenes of rock sounds lovers praising this works from a talented and real iron-man six strings materials by decades off his career for both band projects and soloist. Meet Kyle Cousins remarkably, singing proudly to Heaven and Hell, the epic doomy Time is Mine by Maniac Rise, the dueling Dario Mollo and Mark Boals did the fast refrains on Never Say Never or Scarlet Pimpernel magnificent solo performs by Mario Praga and of course some more metallic hits like Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Neon Knights or Electric Funeral with measuring unforgettable new names like Darking, Iron Lung/Wizard of Ozz onto Children of The Gravy explosive marks the amazing solid honorable portions of originality and Heavy Metal extremities in one coexist merger in bold riffs and melodic guitar's touch of evil spell rethinking for the old Sabbath or Dio and other legends under the southern cross light.