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Ora Pro Nobis (Soulseller Records 2018)

   Mixing the heaviest parts of Sabbath with Pagan Altar to Blood Ceremony and Orchid temple-mount formed in Ljubljana – Slovenia Doom Heavy Metal consisting for lead vocalist Nina Spruk, Ema Babosek on rhythm guitars/backing vocals, Blaz Tansek on lead guitar as well as bassist Neza Pecan and drummer Mihaela Zitko sounding as fuck as slow beating creepy ritualistic heaven for any witchcraft original all-female crushing doomy metallic heads crew whom releasing their debut album over the Free Me Of The Sun as one soul fell following another through thus tracks of misfortunes depressing acts and wrath vocals above The Ghoul, White Torch, Altar Of You, Disembody Me, The Offering, Demonized and Delirium means something dangerous as spells being spoken and with the night wind floating gone towards the target victims farther away from these priestess of doom. 

   The marooned and the firing radish flames might equally pushing the audience closer to the threat of blasphemous fusion in form of the beautiful killer women rock-heads team up called  themselves - Mist; straight from the east side of Europe. 

Free Me Of The Sun: