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Or Found Lost Reverie (Prime 2018)

   The newest Metal-Core generations keeps on coming for more as being birth due to the new millennium era possibility and progress in confusions for many as for the few looking that Heavy Metal extreme still the best ways to ordering prime collective in active positive and struggles as represented against the degradation of mankind over-populated and natural destruction which for these Copenhagen’s crew known as Between Oceans comprising for Anders Faester, Mikkel Rutzou, Dan Nielsen and Jeff Polsen to Daniel Jorgensen as well as Patrick Larsen hands in hands helping each other to blending the grow non-limitations of the winning contributes over how the young people over-looked the loud heavy music just as the ghost of the past and disturbing dumb but thankfully, there are still good minds preferring to be not famous but honest by playing the ex-monopoly and trendy style back in the midst of two-thousands era; now getting mature and not just following orders from the bigger company but competent to be independent – just like this mini album recording called Oxymoron which consisting of Atlas, The light Below and Shallow Water as you might liking them crushing but catchy as melodious fuck well. 

Listen or hear the band before the popular media completely, buried our beloved hardening music like the extinction tales of the rare blue butterfly.