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Operation Shitstorm (Self-Released 2012)

   Fast-Core and Hardcore Punk-Pop is the gasoline for fuel that most skater punkers needing while they’re losing most of the energy within the project extreme perpetual not miserable but over the edge living far from the modern world daily basic of fake and dishonest missions creating and delivered by plenty people in this fucking globe but luckily, again – the smart matters enough being expressing for the blow-out music that spank hard like how Rebuke of Sweden to get you escape from calamity by these Gothenburg style of amount to curing identity crisis via Artie Kaye 7" and Melodic Punk is the main answer for it. Rebuke’s featuring Petter Mossberg, Phillip Nording, Sam Ronnberg and Wictor Molinder writing the bashing four songs as the infection disease of turning living to undead has spreading; mixture of both political and personal thoughts being written onto the progression of catchy verses or lyrics as Black Screen Eyes coming to destroy the opener tracks of sarcasm via It Really Stinks in Here or you might ever changing something on the PC by Bandname and URL Withheld incorrectly ? 

Don’t behaving madly but first, give the flower to the world before it realizing that rebellious acts is on the way !

Artie Kaye 7":