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Once A Liar Always Same (Hopeless Records 2017)

   Not scarring out the neck but lifting the spirits of their listeners by posing thus catchy lyrics and melodies to the music of liking and influences through the good parts of Green Day, All Time Low, Sum 41 onto Simple Plan and Paramore, Linkin Park onto Taylor Swift and Rise Against to their own moms as writing music isn’t that really hard to finish within the lots of listening for good music, laughing a lot, farts, awkward situations or road trips and making fun of oneself in stupidity seems to be some of the great ideas to be inked down as songs as janick Thibault (vocals/songwriter), Jessy Bergy (lead guitars), Jonthan Landry (drums), Max Cloutier (rhythm guitars) and Aiden Von Rose (bass) forming Story Untold to pop rocking in awesomeness before used to releasing cover tunes as a quintet from Montreal – Canada before humbly beginning to release their own material off the deep sea; swimming with the jellyfish via Waves that produced by Paul Marc Rousseau.

Love them like you do or don’t but easily loving to catch these tracks such as In Or Out, The 3ND, Delete onto Drown in My Mind as well as Invisible, Dreams That We Don’t Share or Matches in The Ocean already bought them as far as California; Chasing Feelings in showed up for Warped Tour with Vans would be a dream come true for the small band started from zero.