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Omnihilation (Independent 2016)

Formed because of the high-levels knowledge researching on science, spirituality and philosophy for the unsigned but very powerful in techniques group of Progressive Sludge Metal from Vancouver, British Columbia area and the Canadians duo consisting for Brendan Campbell on bass/vocals and Jorrel Biedermann on guitars/vocals trying to enters the realm of super-sizing particles in a quantum reality versus nano-technologies purifying into the debate on this second catalog releasing of Occult States.

The fully develops Kerala (band) through their digitalize measurement and experiences meeting the experimental thoughts and places needs to be exploring more using the rocking tunes as weapons and equipments on getting inside the world of invisibility just as when your ears being blasted by Unwhen’d, Protostar (Prefusion), Main Sequence (Postfusion), Non-, Hadean/Eoarchean, Terragenesis that learning the essential beginning of existence or even the dirtiest title here over Cosmic Vagina where the first copulation starts the reproduction state of the universe explains by Kerala in those growler and visionary clean sheet metallic golden standard blending to make the imbeciles bleeding or getting lost forever – never to be found. 

Occult States: