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Ocean Dirge (Self-Released 2011)

   Boston rock possessions as the addict-addition for your catalogs of Classic Rock renewal genre in form of a band naming themselves Amos Blood and comes out bluesy and Psychedelic on Heavy Metal to hard Rock groovy boogie woogie style delivering their recording entitled – Coffin On The Tracks as the crack under the ship made it sinking for the final sailing and the band members aren’t those nicest guys around with twisted righteous for sacrificing the kidnapped woman tied to the train trail and waiting in fear because these Massachusetts guitar-tinged rock-heads written their possible opposites as the releasing been serving here a bit cold like poisonous beer but still can keep you warmth while the grim took your heart slowly unnoticed just like how the liking felt seemingly since the rising tide of musical songs off Ghosts in The Galley, Festival, The Snake Song, Neon Lights of Doom and About The Length of a Street Fight viciously go on hypnotizing the ears to playing them more. The world Americana Folkish and Hard Rock fusion from B.A Derringer (vocals, percussion), Thatcher Hatchet (strings), Jon “The Hoff” Hoffmeister (strings), Earl “Popsicle” Rags (bass) and Johnny Caboose (drums) hailed from Everett, Revere or Medford area really doing their way to make Greater Boston unique, powerful and alcohol-fueled again !

Coffin On The Tracks: