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Obscurities Of 06:26 (Independent 2012)

   Within only one male musician on board of drummer Mike Laughlin as well as the entire cohort troops for Mary Bielich on guitar, Trish Muszynski for live bass/guitars, Sharon Bascovsky on vocals/guitars and Robin Mazen the bass guitar player largely, contains their musical performance as death returning after a long hiatus as raw and lucky as deeper doomed in metallic fucking massive ungodly blending cadre for Death/Doom Metal by the ladies cracking your skulls as Derketa forming on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as these female wicked demonic unit writing about cursed, nightmares and death eternal as their music comes slower and heavier through the preference not for sexiness and boobies but thus extremities around the foggy mists of graveyard/cemetery areas under the unholy recording title via In Death We Meet as growler vocals leading the basher thumping sounds as the audience shall pissing their pants for iron city doomy death slamming turmoil just like the eight songs telling haunting or terror by the nightmarish themes available on Rest in Peace, Witchburned, Until Our Death, Shadows of The past and Goddess of Death or Last Rites comes creeping in for you; the non-believer personalities as dangerous threat awaits ! 

In Death We Meet: