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Obscene Harvester Sin (Soulseller Records 2018)

   Death n’ Roll metallic crusher explosions named Seizure from Sala, Sweden turning their identity onto Wombbath as the line-up changes as the old-school active Death Metal known as Tipper Gore Death Metal comprising within guitarist Thomas Von Wachenfeldt and Hakan Stuvemark, lead vocalist/guitar Jonny Pettersson, drummer Jon Rudin and bass player Johan Momqvist hatching the unfortunate progress quickly like mission of the nameless over the third album deranged within The Great Desolation as monstrous squid-like owl confronting the rest head-banger session blasting thicker riffs and fast tempos develops through Footsteps of Armageddon, Punisher of Broken Oaths onto Cold Steel Salvation as well as The Weakest Flesh and Born of Filth – ready to destroying the rest of thus audience dares to getting closer with the most spending activities leaving most of you breathless and ejaculating vomit slamming tension available as the killer melodies stabbing your ears and heart immediately – just like the early eighties underground did. 

The Great Desolation: