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Noveria Fever (Tidalrolled Records 2016)

   Retro synthetic of Rock Electronic consisting for these Elmora, US citizen and musicians – Randi Hubler (vocals, synthesizers) and Onslaught Six (guitars, vocoder, drum+synth programming, mixing, mastering and production) and the Pennsylvanian duo Reapers isn’t just a lesser-known musical project makers arriving to the planet scene without any works providing like sophomore efforts already yet alike names of features via Mass Effect, Chrono Trigger or Metroid and Vertigo’s Sandman games as the pads of rapid firing driven bass-lines and massive vocals in harmonies fully length by the joint of break-beatings and female seductive voices within the odyssey of Synth-Wave universe just like this approval method proof on this Visions Of Mercury album. 

   The modern technologies of advancing cities colony, alerting blare of the dangerous threat on the run or thus pointing figures of human basic needs that century including sounds outrun by most fueled Sister of Mercy-type tempos, Chillwave and Goth Dream-wave crossing the explorations more further through endless galaxies. 

Listen to the major time-warping year-lights journey seems to be forever onto Black Omen, Stone House, Husk, The Kindly Ones, Gahadokuro, Not Of This Earth and Mothership and you might getting to your destination in a matter of time lesser; shorter, saved. 

Visions Of Mercury: