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Nostrovia Carbide (Southern Lord 2018)

   Crushing insanely brute sounds incoming towards you right from these Canadian or Vancouver crew forming to blends their likes over Hardcore/Death-Core and Punk attitudes around the metallic acts directing by the quartet of Andrew Drury, Danny Marshall, Mick Yacyshyn and Sean Hawryluk entering the dark gloom of the forest edge making fire and invoking spirits of protesting street fighters and silence solitude over the meaningful deep taste for the entitled album number three off their catalogs – Beacon Of Faith.
   A kinds of Redneck-HC personal experience come front the dissident world of natural over thus meaningless efforts creating around the modern busy world and these tracks completing the best of your ever imagining melodic, fully confirming extreme of endless struggles and the godless fate within the search for one creator blessings under the wrath of those believers trying to save the environment from further extinctions. Hardcore metallic pressures shall definitely, forcing your guts to shrinking smaller and low as the riff-age gets several punchy bursts striking the face of the non-believers and used to laugh over how harder music seriously, can make great damages to you. Hipster, modern new millennium and shitty generations should not be listening this because they’re truly won’t understand anything but money waste and more stupid thoughts interpretations that belongs to the trashcan. 

Feel the groovy beats and the anger within Gift Taker, Outbreeding, Vicarious Trauma, Victim Service and Eulogy Template bombing you up along the play-back !!!

Beacon Of Faith: