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No Regrets 5:00 (RCA/OUT 1978)

   Created by the original materials written and arranged through old days creativities from Bernard Fevre as extremely as masterpiece – this Boney-M versus Krautwave dying sounds combinations for Disco Club deepest Electronic journey around somewhat of pseudonyms respective and synthesizers capability on loop drumming and occasion of no midi computing uses credited the rest of figures delicated the dedication for making it such as Junior Claristidge or Joachim Sherylee or Bisou and the late seventy-eight era marks the seening sparkles over the record surprisingly – having the artwork demonic woman similar to the old version of Beyonce with huge breasts dancing sensually through the following floor-trap musical all over thus mysterious vibrations on “H” Friend, Timing Forget The Timing, One To Choose and We Never Fly Away Again meaning that the dirty souls from the sky decided to stay on the planet seducing and playing on some lush lousy parties and snatching humans for snacks !

Disco Club: