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New Era 03:35 (Independent 2018)

Crack of a human skull spawning something hideous with one eye and sticky liquid as your brain explodes but not dead.

   The creature lives from your extinct body decaying as Thrash Metal growlers ruling the air fiercely, made by Zenoth five-piece crew bashers hailing themselves from Rijeka, Croatia consisted for rhythm guitar/backing vocals – Dorian Bobesic, Zlatko Stefancic the lead guitar, bass guitarist Andrian Nimac and drummer Mateo Rozic as being led by the singer Marino Vincekovic through the standard blasting songs taken form the EP of Unreal Reality that means necessarily, harder, punchy and kicking arse a lot within which performed over the groovy - Unholy Temptation to Redemption or Chronicle Of Time as slicing, shredding and chopping like sharp blade to cut opens everything on the knife fight show. Fierce opponents for newcomers … 

Unreal Reality EP: