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Negative 02:11 (Independent 2016)

   Thrashy unit hailing out of Newcastle – UK which sounded closer to their New York underground cousin playing the Old-School Hardcore too and these lads upon Tyne; really nailed it the way they wanted to pressures thus authority laws that belongs only to the haves oppressing the have-nots as this extended play album entitled – Slave to a System means everything that you hate for in life dig via four tracks blasts and stomping acts of Sanity Check crew. Best shouts and full speed ahead-energy on rage anthems providing within No Way Out or Worlds Apart as all coming only for few minutes and seconds but giving the listeners and audience a great impact for moshing hard and do some broken bones slam-dance following the music as hot as molten lava from the erupting mountain flowing to drove-out thus brutal police streets to shreds.

Slaves To The System: