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Nazareth Jesus Mercy (Azbin Records 2011)

   John Lennon, The Rebel and Sonic Boom are some of the influences being not bargaining but really caught the interests for the Garage Psychedelic Lo-Fi on the current location not in France but London but before that – this local band named Le Pecheur sizzling their correct Proto-Goth Rock N’ Roll and Punk popularity season as the mastering release over the band’s blurry images front cover artworks via Medieval Dreams must be as weird and not professionally wanted to be consumed anymore providing the gap between romance on heaven and hell as the talking records make shift towards over nine tracks monotonously, rejecting the spirits and damn energies electrifying inside them but gloomy feelings as citizenships. Listening to (or not) for Don’t Burn The Witch, Holy Mountain, The Lake and Viva La Muerte which means that this thrity six minutes top album may Torture several ears that demands something fully beats or desire-able but definitely not going to have that on Le Pecheur’s catalogs …

Medieval Dreams: