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Naunet Tulsi Leah (Aural Music 2018)

   4 piece of these Italian obscure evoking doomed role-models for Feast For Water releasing on Doom Rock tracks as delicious as scary within the lead haunting vocals and female intrusions being influenced by the legendary six-six-sixer infamy-cult names like Pentagram or Bellwitch makes the scarlet-velvet mind-blowing seductions by Marco Messa on bass/guitar, Sara the voice, Alberto on lead guitar, Mistyr the drummer and who knows what the Cittadella (Padua) or Veneto developing concepts and song-writing might bring you nightmares behind the incense smokes and deadly beauty looks attractions mixed with the rocking beats of groove about either Jazz to Goth Rock and Doom Metal in general impact through this second recording melodic under the controls of Snakeskin Drape, She Knows, White Stains and Da Tariki Tariqat as well as The Seer jamming bashing cult-sound efforts right here solidifying by the performance of the mysterious members of Messa. 

Feast For Water: