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Natural Scent (Self-Released 2017)

   Rawky Pop-Punk in a nearly, closing to more to say as Alternative Rock Indie and Lo-Fi rather than perhaps – Scrappy Pop tunes as surprising fresh for the songs from academic progressive or not getting famous tunes written by the scrog-artists of Portland, Oregon known as Person Be and releasing this Well I Wasn’t Just Going To leave It There artistically – reachable the cliff between thus depressive tunes and standard popular Goth-Grunge Indie tracks onto the energetic sophomore of non-artificial Jangle-Pop melodious creating the retaliations over the seven tracks like Overblown, Primates, When You Leave I Want To Add:, Room To Run and Higher Implications may given the audiences some memorable times to relates the past and the present good thoughts as making kindness must not that hard but forgiving yourself and your love will be as complicated as the weather changes for now on.

Well I Wasn't Just Going To Leave It There: