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My Wasting Time (Bandcamp 2016)

   Guitarist/vocals performance by Nikki Sisti, the bass/vocalist Kate Black and drummer/vocals by Shari Page rode a good mastering matters as this Brooklyn, New York trio of pretty looking women in a Pop-Rock band pleasure to meet you all while doing what they loved to do the best which is rocking the alternative ways and possibly, stays independent as long as they’re needed to – just like the phrase said about Thick three-piece recording for It’s Always Something …If you are those fans of moldy peaches melodies or once a while like to read the NY Times article and searching for a non-male fronted groups glittering the sweet red velvet railroad with candies-like music then – Thick is your choice as well as Puke’s Diner and Anymore and Are You With Me ? shortly rocks for bridal shower party too.

Acceptable ! 

It's Always Something: