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Mutate Invicible Bass (Finger Lickin’ Records 2002)

   Used to be a cover bands or DJ-ing of school disco parties and build a trio unit group of playing Post-Disco Soul mixed with the addition for Hip-Hop, Rave and Breakbeat progressing their advance production as the teaming up moving on to creates this Drummatic Twins before the internet connection did the opposite of togetherness to individuals as the more sentient on non-protective sex to drinking issues and drugs consumption becomes more violent and disturbing to society than ever – here’s the cure for trying to fixed the minor perceptions from the oldies and narrow minded people about Progressive House and Breaks sound-beats onto the musical robotic movements telling everyone to follow the moves and party harder happy but responsible through the album debut Drumattical as Start of Something, Thinkin’ About You, Wormhole, One Thousand Speakers, The Hunt for Twisted Desire or Mind The Gap from and into the outer spaces really possible and you need to enjoyable moments as human being – free from becoming stressed out and die !