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Motor Rotor (My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings 2016)

   What if L7’s ex-crew decided to performing their variation for Stoner Rock definitely, closer to be sounded alike these Deventer, Overijssel – Netherlands group calling themselves as Drive By Wire and the gloomy vocals and prospect future awaits them slow as the third recording release performing by Jerome Miedendorp de Bie (drums), Marcel Zerb (bass), Simone Holsbeek (vocals, guitars) and Alwin Wubben (guitars) cranking the seminal Grungy hardest acts via a recording entitled - The Whole Shebang may rocking you all entirely for head-banger sessions through Kerosine Dreams, Woodlands, Five ft. High, Rituals and In This Moment really crashing in sounded particularly – like the imminent mastering of the lost tapes from the heavy metallic Doomsters girls of Seattle; charismatic lead female vocalist and Psych-Desert fuzz-rock over the outsiders experience to the ears …

The Whole Shebang: