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Monkee Makers (Areasonica 2014)

   Pop-Rock virtue came from this unknown band but having not as bad for better catchy tunes on the writing boards within the materials providing by the releasing on the group’s Multicolor recording as (The) Borderlines becoming as visible slightly slow with you having a take-away chance on listening or try-out the soundscapes off the band’s efforts which meant not really serious commonly but perhaps, one day one will witnessing this group getting grow-up bigger and better as the daily stories and surrounding relationship tales being packed onto the lyrics and songs as the band photos showing the white expensive car or the members with one good-looking red-haired female and the greenish-blue skylines; singing a bit like The Rolling Stones (as should be closing resemblance to the more rocking Alt-Indie Pop version of Michael Learns To Rock) but not really similar and some wiser thoughts such as It Takes Two to Tango, Mean What I Say, Disharmony in Love or Confused Lady won’t spoiling the truth about Smile is a Sign to the romantic couple whom still waiting for another chance of feeling the harmony to have their soul-match being found.