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Mongrel Driftwood (Deathwish 2014)

Fucking Noise-Core bestiality conversion of confusions exploding itself by the burning suicide fuse and Progressive Crust lethal bites of poison through the display moment from the Salt Lake City, Utah unit naming themselves Cult Leader and growling, thrashing, spreading filth disease and howls of perdition as big and heavy as you won’t believe it’s simply annoying  and authentically, effective to operating the clearance on hope and forever living on a hate prayer as Sam Richards (bass), Mike Mason (guitars), Casey Hansen (drums) and Anthony Lucero (vocals) given the worst EP recording screaming between ugliness and selfish tortured minds controlling your finger from pressing pause button over the performance to Nothing For Us Here releasing means Hard-Core to Extreme Heavy Metal menacing attributes gripping the time lapse as the spells and thus sigils being exactly, send the messages of destruction to your head that bangs.

The eclipse, the triangle and the sickle memorizing of the unholy blood and the killing-fields monument for the listeners about the occultism beliefs long gone but never forgotten is back by the new age era as the brutality sounds rips your love ones for good via Indoctrinator’s Deathbed, Skin Crawler, Flightless Birds and God’s Lonely Children steps in the same darkness again as like the irreligious whores horde to the salvation enslavement. 

Nothing For Us Here: