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Misery Moonlit (Smartpunk Records 2018)

   Dark Dreamy Pop rocking team out of Los Angeles area which gained the mass attentions as their unique out-takes within energetic powerful waves of the legacy from Hayley Williams on her early rock career just like the following good rockers here releasing their emotional debut album – Damned Soul as RIVALS performance being the collaborative talents and ideas from vocalist Kalie Wolfe, bassist Sebastian Chamberlain, guitarist Micket Woodle and drummer Josh Alves within the deliberation influences taken from the likes for AFI, melodic Symphonic Metal and Pop-Alternative under the shades of Hard Rock to Post-Hardcore fusion recording these tracks of fierce non-stop and continually, gradations on the melting mascara or black tar from your body cleansing out within the demanding songs just like Wild Things, Low, Gunslinger or Reflection. Creatively, mastering their essential Pop tunes cellular like turning back the hands biting those whom being fed by them. 

Damned Soul: