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Microplastics (Milled Pavement Records 2017)

   Before some ever did knew about Rayguomics or Vinyl Cape via MySpace but later on after demise and gone for a while it resurfacing up back as Brzowski rappin’ the conscious Gothic-Americana, Art-Rap, Doom Pop and experimental Hip-Hop progressive waves of a haunting new in horrorscapes sounds like how Cypress Hill used to in the making of a brand world without borders and metallic slaying lyrics by Black Music meets underground beats as this terror music of new-school Gangsta-Rap and Doom-Core via Emmityville proudly, made out of Portland, Maine.

   No further information leave for you but as the songs started to play from the beginning on Masking Fluid and Painter’s Tape, Contemporary Cynic, Demonic Exercises, Pit Mine, Fall Zone Pink, Surplus Humanity and So I Walk threatening every single local listeners and international kids-wannabe rapper because all those rage and reality doesn’t look like your gaming session for A World Where There is Only One of Everything. Premiers as the terrible messages toward the youth today easily slips onto criminal, unlawful and rejects society pressures infected serial killers head and minds as sick as possible on listening to the real thing.