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Meneater Blues (Ripple Music 2016)

   Infectious riff, explosive down tuning grooves and hooks that makes people gone head-banging crazy with the awakening of this Sydney’s Stoner Metal trio led by the main songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Brett Pearl on his love for Jimi Hendrix and Classic Rock tunes history along with his corporate crew Matt Cramp on drums and Arron Fletcher on bass guitar whom always energetic on the behalf of influences from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd as thunderous drumming by the likes for bashing style from Bill Ward or Gonzo Bonham or effortless beats of bass rhythmic in between guardian over Doom Grunge, Heavy Psych and Stoner Metal surrounding the album release onto Desert Cult Ritual.

   The charming blueish skinned goddess of the blasting sounds and the deep blue sea might controlling the devil music completely, within a possibility of questioning humanity by magic mayhem off digital slinging melodic pierce of chorus lines and epitome groovy of Modern Rock N’ Roll and Hard Rock serving fried via Hypnotiser, Hell Fire, Bone Mountain, Rogue Asteroid and Weed Lord; may delivers anything non-holy to the listeners and get them drugged. 

Desert Cult Ritual: