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Me & You Vs The World (Gut Records 1996)

   Groovy, unique and vintage as you first heard the musical sounds made by these Liverpool, UK’s seminal cultish crew of Indie Pop central consisting for either Alan Jones, Francis Griffithsonto Phil Hartley and Thomas Scott among others and it feels like the guys writing their materials on blending fusion between Primal Scream modern touches mixed with popularity of British Pub sounds consisting over some traditional and cultural attachments as the Alternative Rock, Techno-Electronic, Trip-Hop and Latin touches push the boundaries closer to baptizing them under good creativity over the releasing on this debut album – Spiders as Space (the band) crawling out your water hole in a bath-tube and getting ready to surprising you with their performance of musical.

   With the vocals that reminding you for the likes on Damon Albarn or beats continue on spreading rhythmic and cozy arouse rhymes; Female of The Species, Mister Psycho, Neighbourhood, Lovechild of The Queen or Voodoo Roller shall entertaining your ears to the most profound feelings for having them on the stereo system. 

Congrats for saying some really nasty stuff and ideas on a recording for little taste of fun and fame, lads !