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McCoojah & Kizmit (Fat Possum Records 2006)

   It’s getting weirder and weirder everyday with your choices being up from limited to unlimited to be outta limits freed in non-caution over the American flipping team’s up putting the acts together onto a cross-over fusion emotional on music breeding blends like this American group from Youngstown – Ohio with the line-up of Gil Mantera (programming, synthesizers, bass) Ultimate Donny (vocals, guitars) and AE Paterra (drums) founding the band of their own crazy ideas for good times frontal feeling fun like living in a pleasureville forever within the good satisfactory beats mixture via Gil Mantera’s Party Dream on their third album called Bloodsongs and you will witnessing how Electronic Rock humping Industrial power chords and Indie Rock manage to keep the independent smokey hut of total beats and slaughtering acts caught in the mosh fun area all the time.
   Alternative movements and urban derelict views and additions for thus extreme skater thoughts mania may easily moshing in over the songs there as opening track like Buffalo Tears to Elmo’s Wish dabbing and dancing crazy and drunk happy to kiss the Bunz Therapy or Alligator Missions until you being totally confused for having song number 10.1 or 10.2 apart in the arrangement by the group.

Insanity has found a good resting place on this retirement spot where punks can stop stomping and hip people would get their answering of non-machine for the deals and permit to gambling in best modern music !