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Mazl “Mahzel” (Not On Label 2014)

Seeing the fuzz and critically acclaimed shows worldwide – the ideas for put on some kind of crazy acts for the background whitechapel tailor of London true music which blending bigger aspects around Rock n’ Roll, delirious danceable sounds, West Indian Calypso, Mambo, Surf guitars, classic rhythms called Der Shvitz to English beats before it is all damned and forgotten and for that Yiddish Twist Orchestra (YTO) was born with the all-stars line-up: Ben Mandelson of Billy Bragg the neck-twisting guitarist, Elton John reedman’s David Bitelli, maestro Robin Harris on keyboards and hammond, Snowboy trombonist sizzling latin Paul Taylor to Eric Clapton’s trumpeter Simon Finch the dazzling onto drummer Roy Dodds, vocalist Natty Bo as well as thus slum salons beatnik funkateer everywhere inside London. 

The album let’s simply given title pulls Yiddish Twist Orchestra wrote down more materials like Reggae, Latin, Folk, World and Klezmer or Ska beyond the tracks like Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil  (I Love You Much Too Much), Bambino (instrumental aka Ill Guaglione), Shake Ya Tukhus onto Bei Mir Bistu Shein and Had Gadya (Instrumental) + Auld Lang Syne (instrumental interlude to Had Gadya) that would mesmerizing through the big brass band a most of the loving people about their heritage by listening and imagine to go back home to Israel the promised land or elsewhere exotic.