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Mass Destruction (Cavernous Records 2017)

   Speeding Punk-Metal or Thrash inferno like the Black darker version of Kreator in their early days resurgence here on Enter Obscurity – the Norwegian team whose forging their fast, dangerous and satanic music like Slayer’s sons of evil repeating the terror repetitions to the empty roads disguising as the mad head-banger ghost-rider on a bike ready to tearing the other pathetic driver’s soul apart. Oslo crew consisting of the trio: Joe Destroyer on drums and guitars; Jonas Skullkrusher on bass to vocals and Mattis Executioner the guitar basher writing down the lyrics and themes about the killing of humanity by anger, violence, death and war continues as this Classic Thrash model of sounds shall bursting your existence away for good if you playing them in enough devastating volume.

Speed Metal raiders have brought their mighty EP there in Poser Terminator as the tunnel being blocked and there’s no escaping route for you once the creature crossing your path and ready to kill quick. 

Just pray for the incoming tortures while the blast revenge of tracks forcing you to bleed slowly and painful through Primitive Instinct, Destroy Poser Metal or Bastard Exxxecutioner pressing the button to exploding the entire globe within Nuklear Kommaaaander screaming order.

Poser Terminator: