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Mars Invictus Purging (Iron, Blood And Death Corporation 2014)

Pagan of ancient Romans as well as anti-religious mission towards Thrash/Black/Death Metal bursting growlers that will make the hair on your back raising faster; the barbarian entering the gates of the unholy cities to pillage and raped and destroying the entire society communion of the old west and rebuilding it a new violent way like an unlawful carnage to the beheaded of the rulers that you used to worship now dead and gone rotten in the street or under the bloody stairs as The Apotheosis of Death – a bringer of destruction to the locals killing the democracy and the beliefs where even your most powerful gods cannot hiding from their sharp blades and swords which hunger to decapitates or to conquer territorial as enslaving the left-behinds.
These five-piece metal-heads extremely disbelieves to approving thus invading and the battle concludes the new pagan overruling the place led by Santi and Black Mortum on guitars of double slashing, the slayer vocalist/lyricist Scourge Witchfucker, bassist Assiliant or drummer Hades proclaiming Exordium Mors to baptizing you with blood and punishments as Apotheosis of Death : I. Axiom followed by more hideous plans on Apotheosis of Death: IV. The Corpse of Your Divinity Now Burns, Fire & Triumph onto Blade of Brutus that flawlessly on saving their people from the immortal mages and their brutal bands of the horde suppressing you to kneel down before them. 

The Apotheosis Of Death: