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Mars II On (Good To Die Records 2012)

   The Latin names describing the creature as rabbitus maximus means gigantic Rabbits as yes, their music brutally – crushing hard like a nephilim-sized Sludgy Metal genus from Portland, Oregon slashing the metallic blasts out the fence and killing the farmer’s entire family that one day. Crusher-heads trio: Seth Montfort aka Senthro (guitar, vocals), Joshua Hughes as Booze (guitar, vocals) and Kevin Garrison aka KG (drums) completely devastating the house as this Art-Noise Metal fury sounds drilling onto you or fascinating in terror commonly, grips the fear outside and sacked them all inside your butt-hole permanent. 

   Seminal distinctive growls to the angry screams and thus riff-age explosive kicking your face while the ugly creature that looks more like a mutant cat from the underworld scratches your chest, your belly open and eating your genital in minutes while the distorted melodies and bangs surrounding the building and nobody can hear you screams for help as Fight Right, Lame in Vain, Move Her Body, Meth Valley 99 or Suck It or Blow made everything worst for Bites Rites on terrorizing its listeners and separates the brainless and the wicked like We and Zoo did. 

Bites Rites: