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Mark Twain (Independent 2014)

West Virginian of Huntington Folk-singer and guitar player guy named Patrick Stanley would not be your reknown local artists by the catalog but easily, he should giving thus remarkable feelings changes over the performance of four track songs recorded in this album simply called Dirt. Written the materials and work with Nashville mixer Sean Knisely and the help found from a really good friends group of people in Mr. Stanley’s career like Adam Meisterhans, Drew Blake onto Chris Miller and Annalisa Nutt. 

The sophomore melodies and crunchy vocals of Americana Country tinged thicker sounds as cowboys and the herds walking side by side and the hill windy temperatures heating up but didn’t quite ruining the end of days with gladness as you might love to have It Ain’t Right to be Lonely and Even Mountains can Fall coming at you through the stereo music port. 

Don’t stop giving thanks to the one whom making the country great again …