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Mama Sun Moon Run (Rocket Recordings 2017)

   Have you Talk To God for seven minutes and five seconds or longer ? or do you ever had a so called Time For Fun by listening to a returning particular releases of the Psychedelic Fuzz Alternative and Afro-beats onto Rock fusion as an Experimental group from Sweden which consisting for the leaders such as Capra Informis and Christian Johansson crossing the likes of insanity joy onto a blending Acid Rock, African Music and Psychedelic Pop as a new god arriving in front of you guys telling everyone to dancing like rockers and natives do since the beginning of time where humanoid implodes onto the sensation sensuality or rogue explicit not the lyrics but the signals captured inside Fuzzed In Europe and make the continent never look the same again after tasting Goat’s materials work here.
   I Sing In Silence and Gathering of Ancient Tribes seemed to reminding us about the mammoth hunters assimilates with the desert people for evolved to shine the next decade as a mature race. 

Fuzzed In Europe: