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Lucky Patterns Fairytales (Brassland 2003)

   Second opportunity through the number two releasing by the Indie Rock five-piece straight coming from Cincinnati – Ohio as the band’s calling themselves The National and based in Brooklyn comprising on the Davendorf’s – Scott (bass) and Bryan (drums) as well as vocalist Matt Berninger with the Dessner’s on guitar/keyboards – Aaron and Bryce sounding a little bit weird popular as their nerve-nerdy sounds slower gaining good compromising from the audience fans and Indie Pop within waves of rainbow colors and darker smog portraying the past and present events that has been passing through your life before and after the translated reflective transformation as the floating-tinged harmonic - Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers leads the feeling on perspective gained the equal thoughts to be much wiser but didn’t losing too much ages for oneself while listening to 90-Mile Water Wall, It Never Happened, Cardinal Song and Slipping Husband stories about deceiving, loyalty, lies and love romance that broke because of the intimate lusts for some others more by someone you loved the most.

   Whether you are one of the Sugar Wife, Trophy Wife or Fashion Coat minds of Thirsty psychotic person ever did horrible things like Murder Me Rachael should quietly and carefully, have a listen towards this record. 

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers: