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Love Is Torture (Third String Records 2016)

   Drive out and straight plan to go see Warped tour this year while the speeding ticket threats and highway patrols won’t do much bothering for your team as the good popular catchy melodies come blast-up from the car stereo with All Roads Lead Home – respectively, recorded by the new face of Skate-Pop Punk and radio friendly themes of the summer gone ashtray by Assuming We Survive to your ears. As the hand of doom trying to stop the adventure trip away for seconds but fail because the stomping fun records hitting the path within the extra energy off Punk-Pop tracks that leads one to non-estranged but positive thinking self-esteem through Exit At The Door, I’m Yours, Contact Left, We Are All Zombies onto No Fairy Tale and This Moment – shall commanding the youth souls to not giving up but stay focus and keep running for the finish-line as winner is what this tattooed guys' band working hardly to sticking their intentions for a better week ahead !

All Roads Lead Home: