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Looser Aardschok (Heavy Metal Records 1982)

   Persistence over the several names to became its members consisted on either Pete Toomey, Steve Turton, Ian Toomey to Chris Tsangarides and even Alan Cockburn, Bill Knowles, Anthony Tomkinson or Perry Hodder rocking on through their power flagellation blends on Heavy Metal and Hard Rock or NWOBHM as people called it since and the Bitches Sin’s recording of Predator plus artworks on album seemingly, sounded bluesy and not too darn rocking but still – the older ears would love to have kind of classics rock like this and the attacking songs for the speaker buzzer tests can be heard through the repertoire as Haneka, Runaway, Lady Lies, Dirty Women and Strangers on The Shore which providing the invading strikes on the dreamland complex realm on another dimension where rocking blues pumps out means business back in the year where Lockerbie accident can definitely shocking the entire world just like monstrous raids did to the non-funny April Fool surprises remastered.