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Lonely Hunter (Independent 2014)

   Feminist job-acts of touch through their self-acclaiming Psychedelic Surf Garage Pop on Punk spirits posting to your minds heard like the real Philadelphia background messages shortly after you discovering this miscellaneous record out from The Pretty Greens pocket. Remaining only about three tracks available to the record mini pride for these chubby girls and one beauty reveals on how the female side can visualized the Indie Rock Pop shorter medium standard making off surfing the Jealous Waves in pinkish outlook and you might liking them all – Kool and Carly Schmool as well as Julia the brunette gorgeous as the trio musicians independently – identified as 80’s Punk/New Wave like The Go-Go’s did before just like The Pretty Greens did their cover for The Palisades’ song – Make The Night A Little Longer. Surf up kitties, surf up ! 

Jealous Waves: