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Llunak Paradisura (Bandcamp 2017)

   As the native local dancer make the moves up on the dried skeleton head symbolizing the corrupted world and blowing the alarm whistle-pipe then it would be fits correctly, for the same timing blasts out through the belligerent Zestoa, Spain’s new crew Desert/ Post-Rock Stoner rockers to roaring out for delicious melodic solos over Txotxongiloak, Mugak, Itotzen or Fluxua and Piztia for the proclamation over the independent territory of Basque Country from the regime and greedy kingdom as the music sounded non-standard but fully energetic for the escaping sense on being chains and you would loving how on earth these lesser-known rock-heads writing and arranging their music project onto this awesomely, fucking good to listen and supporting them.

You can contact them if you like and praised for more materials out to share with the realm of rock just like how this one came out baptized into the simple name of Rodeo and releasing a self-titled debut which surprisingly, amazing in such thus riff-age melodies combined !