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Live To Work (Alibi-Gustunes 2010)

   Classic Psychedelic and Rock Arena anthems comes within the a little weirdness on Progressive sounds within the essential producing records toss out by the trio from Youngstown, Ohio for naming themselves as Poobah and one can liking how the mistrust and interests over the high-pitched toning vocals and groovy laden on soft distortions made by Jim Gustafson, Judd Gaylord and Phil Jones again flying above the planet to spreading their melodic licks and power-choruses as well as band’s composition choirs through a wiser titled record – Peace Farmers that taking what’s left behind out of the flower generations and the seventies rocks somewhere for Poobah to grim and lower groans over Ripped, It Out, Mood to Fly Away and Walk On or the enclosing tracks Visitor; remarkable for those oldies ears to go on bursting again to head-banging for the following listed themes that has been grinds to the surface by the group. If you believe in Rock n’ Roll bluesy and thicker harmony lead solos; this right releasing is yours !

Peace Farmers: