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Live In Terror (Hi Science Records 2012)

   The sex and power raising out from the influential sounds off Blue Oyster Cult or Rubber City Rebels and thrashy Folk and Garbage-Rock talents of Roky Ericson casting the last weeks in Ridgemont High playing Classic Rock should be exactly spawning as Swilson with himself in bad guitars, Colin MacCubbin did the bad bass plays and Seth Meisterman doing his bad drumming, even bad more on keyboards as well as artwork for the project named Swilson releasing Cool Skull trauma sounds labeled as Jersey City, NJ’s newest bad products on rock music. Nothing is becoming too damn metal and most weirdo delivering and Proto-Punk additions to Psychedelic color-sparks onto thus seven insulting songs like Witch Trial Modern Day, Money For It, Billion Dollar Beach and Last Man on Earth seems to be helped by stun guitarist Squeaky Dave and Dean Rispler around the mysterious number 13 or 666 or existential of glam-tinged of Los Angeles within this kinds of Loner Rock under the commanding manager of Eddie Punchclock. Don’t laugh because there’s nothing funny on the nearest local fish market location …

Cool Skull: