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Little Fires (Bandcamp 2013)

Good girl, blonde but not silly because you can see that she’s very smart and talented to wrote down her own self-idealistic lyrics for arranging songs on the project with some of her talented friends connotes the festive occasion of favorite kinds themes with sense of goodness and piano-driven ethereal etymologically merriment herself as Aley Waterman but shall being known more as Gala as with drummer/percussion Ashley Chalmers, guitarist Adam Hogan, Josh Ward on bass guitar and the additional back-up vocals: Tim baker, Meghan Hollett and Melissa Fiander and Tyler Lovell introducing their native St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador area weather reports in sounds and atmosphere for this Young Hymns mini recording which really neat by most aspects but shorter. 

The story about thus broken mirrors on the forest bed and the autumn breeze tales as well as the lost souls searching for their way back home connecting to Just Enough or Starting Point around the beautiful voice of the leading girl roles for inspiring and thanking friends and family and her cats too.

Young Hymns: