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Limbs Pray (Rhythmethod/Rodeostar 2016)

   Savage beats onto thus Modern Metal or Nu-Metal and Alternative Rock tunes diving acts to the mosh-pit must be not as really good as the look of the group’s front woman whom singing harder, born tougher and considerate herself metallic but most of the eyes shall feasting for the sound effects as well as the gorgeous beauty body of the brunette girl – Jennie Skulander within her awesome high-tuning vocals clean; guitarist lead solos and riffs of Tony “Nail” Vincent, Paul martin on bass and backing vocals as well as Nic Martin (drums) certified these Hamilton band for their good debuts but here as the band’s developed for example; the female singer kept her influences taken from the greatest Mike Patton, Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, The Mars Volta to Jeff Buckley clashing in metallic roots for Heavy Metal raising from the depth of the underground and rules isn’t just a phrase from some hard music media but a reality.

Be Like The River confronting the beliefs for staying low or not fighting back as the plenty energies bursts and explosively, spraying out the album and the skull-mountain’s fountain of death to giving life again renew. 

Feel the positive spiritual rocks sensations via In Black, Believe in Me, F.Y.I, Bury Me, House 13 and Animal to the until threat darken romance or the Grave do yours apart. 

Be Like The River: