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Lereas Kai Vita Nuova (Agonia Records 2018)

   Greek occult of Black metal forefront project considering thus otherworldly medium scene of the new wave extremity back there as enters the lair of rituals and 70’s Rock influences as ideological philosophy traditions displaying dark matters of spirituality based on mysticism or magic within the sounds and images.
Transgress infallible beyond unspeakable mundane perception is the artistic razor-sharp core and intense profound apocryphal chapter for these eight tracks in Acherontas’ releasing on Faustian Ethos which is genuinely unholy but sacred. Upside-down pentagram, the demon-angel with wings and the bursting explosive classic raw rocking tunes like The old Tree and The Wise Man, The Alchemists of The Radiant Sepulchre and Sorcery and The Apeiron leads you to the glory of Aeonic Alchemy goes brightly sparks the sky – signing for the next second coming of the bringer of destruction and disease master to the world.

Faustian Ethos: