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Laudatio Funebris (A Smack In All The Mouth 2010)

   Syringe slashing noise of distortions beliefs to be a cure for emptiness and disbelieved upon your realm living must be became a cause of cost for this one-man project of Extreme Black Metal melodic and progressive Ambient Doom sequences on Belial’s behalf performance over guitars, effects and voices sent out through the dark assembly reaction vibrating  out of Madrid. For the love of ancient supernatural supreme beings and full length record it is a privilege to representing the Poenarian Mist of We Are Gods where the keyboards and synthesizers and live drumming forcing the audiences to either covering the ears or head-banging for mutual satanic beliefs as the giant nephilim king mating with the white female human slave breeding non-innocence and blasphemous children of the night between angels and insects mutated over Heavy Metal darkness themes story-tale like Lamia Phutura, Piece of Peace, Thorn, Winterludium or The War Within as everything started by sins rooted onto centuries beyond bringing the mistakes to be over populated and misused in many ways … 

We Are Gods: