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Impure Weak (Victory Records 1995)

   Beautiful teenage-girls of Umea, Sweden did mean something serious through their non-exposing performance started as the sounds alike avalanche or earthquake and then, vomiting of New School of the nineties era Hardcore-Punk from these all-female rockers group calling themselves too sweeter as Doughnuts consisting for Sara Sjorgen, Linda Lundberg, Jenny Johansson, Sara Almgren and Asa Forsberg slamming sweaty and head-banging our heads via the debut album recording in the name of The Age Of The Circle as simplicity through the front cover marks and music that bangs hard meaningful that these girls really mean good technical playing for their instruments but quite not too damn commercial thinking about it.
   Nobody can tell or the girls just already (some times around) calls it quits but in case they’re not prolong the steps – at least, these heavier riffs, screaming vocals, independent blistering of metallic and cool arrangements to sending clear punches to men’s world face over Who’s Bleeding?, Naked perfection, Become One, Drowning and My Black Days – lasted longer collectively, inside the rarest recording-wardrobe for infinity less-recognizable bands that you never heard before or indie metallic Hardcore clever hate-mail in form of the Scandinavian female cohorts.

The Age Of The Circle: