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Laser Light Salon (Suite 309 2016)

   The trio Raymond C, Scott III and Tiger Village joining their craziest imaginative and reality blows for tuning as experimental as possible without limits through the prehistoric pointless project within the name of Caveman Handjob through thus Noise assembling in chaotic and non-commercial blatant music collisions as well No Wave for the fury ape-like arm giving you the green bananas before fucking your ears up using Hard Barf to let people or their listeners – either had an interest or vomit by the following abnormal abstract sounds like the planet has been struck by many kinds of disaster in one hour or more painful moments following I Heard Nothing but Goodthings about Dan Tamper, Say No to a Deal with a Seagul, Mom’s Been Interested in Mowing, Somof of Are Some Some are Some, Your Hair Sucked When I Said it looked  OK and The Breads’sbddn Bantring I Can’t as weird as Whistle Through a Thick Sauce, Middle-Aged Whites Who Did Not Attend College or I Can’t Feed My Family with The Money I’m making at This Job exploding through the stereo because your own mistakes for trying the record.

Hard Barf: